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DIY: Wooden Poster Frame

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A year ago we purchased a Cavallini & Co Chalkboard Penmanship Chart to display in our homeschool space. It was my intention to immediately frame it, but somehow a year later there it was, still no frame and simply hanging on the wall, looking all lonely and sad.

Since we had company last weekend, we didn’t have time to work on some of our larger household projects we have planned. But, I figured we could finally get our poster frame made!

We followed this tutorial from Young House Love and simply adjusted the measurements to fit our specific poster. Because we were only making one frame, we only had to purchase one 1x2x8 select pine board.

Then we purchased a couple black poster boards for the backing. Eric was concerned white would show through in certain lighting since our poster is pretty thin. We stapled the poster boards to the back of the frame and then attached the Cavallini & Co Chalkboard Penmanship Chart to the poster board with command sticky tabs. This means we can easily swap in another poster in the future if we ever feel like it.

If you’d prefer something more sturdy, you could also easily cut a sheet of MDF or plywood to size and nail it onto the backside of the frame.

A Cavallini & Co Penmanship Poster displayed above a Montessori language and geography shelf in homeschool room

We opted to stain the frame the same color we used for our corner desktop: Minwax Early American. In person, it’s a really close match to our floors and I love the warmth it provides against our white walls.

Close-up view of the Cavallini & Co Penmanship Chart with a simple wooden frame

The poster itself got a teeny bit battered during our move, but I figure it only adds to the vintage and rustic style of the piece….Right?

And if you look really, really closely you’ll see pen tracings around some of the numbers. Lilly decided she wanted to leave her mark on it one day. 🙂 I’m slowly learning to embrace the imperfect.

Here, a Cavallini & Co Penmanship Chart is displayed above the Montessori metal insets and sandpaper letters.

Eric and I plan on building another one of these frames soon for the Cavallini & Co Botany Leaves Chart once we figure out where to hang it. Decisions, decisions! I’m thinking it’ll probably end up by the children’s desk in our living area. I also love the look of the Cavallini & Co Solar System Chart, and I think the Color Wheel Chart would be really cute placed above an art shelf.

And if you’re looking for large-scale botanical prints, the Botanicum Poster Book has some really great prints that could be displayed near a nature table.

So many options and not enough walls! 😉

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