fourth grade learning basket activities

Fourth Grade Learning Basket Activities

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you some of the Montessori-inspired learning basket activities that my fourth grader is working with each month.

What is a Homeschool Learning Basket?

A homeschool learning basket helps foster self-directed learning and provides children with freedom of choice, while gently introducing them to important organization and planning techniques.

Click here to read more about how we implement learning baskets in our homeschool.

What Do You Use for a Learning Basket?

We use a felt caddy to serve as our learning baskets. It has plenty of dividers and pockets to keep everything organized. I made sure to purchase one with a large enough space to hold books. While any basket or caddy will work, you’ll want to make sure they’re both light enough and sturdy enough for children to tote around.

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Here's some fun and engaging learning basket activities for fourth grade students!

Fourth Grade Learning Basket Activities

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Math Activities

DIY Hands-on equations materials

Hands On Equations (DIY)

Hands On Equations is a manipulatives-based introduction to algebraic linear equations. Before purchasing the curriculum, I wanted to ensure it’d be a good fit. Hence, I raided our materials so my daughter could try it out.

Market Math Task Cards

These market math task cards feature a variety of multi-step word problems that provide a review of addition, subtraction, and multiplication as it relates to money and making change.


I initially purchased these GeoStix to supplement our geometry book this summer. Apparently I didn’t realize they also came with these nifty double-sided activity cards as well! They’re perfect for encouraging independent investigations into different geometrical concepts.

Math Rush 2

Math Rush can be played cooperatively or independently. It’s a fun and quick way to practice math facts. Math Rush 2 focuses on multiplication and exponents.

This Book Thinks You’re a Math Genius

Again, I initially purchased this awesome book for our summer homeschooling plans, which fizzled out in July due to the girls’ crazy gymnastics schedules. On the positive side, Lilly’s been enjoying tackling the projects on her own, making it a great learning basket resource.

Fraction Game and Math Word Problems

More word problems, plus a couple fraction games. Nothing fancy. My daughter usually picks one problem a day to solve.

Language Arts Activities

Poetry Copywork

After undertaking a self-directed copywork project involving José Martí’s poems during our study of Cuba, Lilly requested a poetry copywork book. Her goal is to recite and record one poem a week this year.


So far, I’ve been really impressed with some of the Critical Thinking Co.’s learning materials, especially their Editor-in-Chief books. Children read a short passage and then are challenged to find the grammatical mistakes. My daughter completes one editing exercise a day.

Word Roots

Rummy Roots is a fun word roots game that can help with vocabulary. She also has another Critical Thinking Co. book for additional word root exercises that she can work on throughout the year.

Land & Water Storytelling Cards

She uses these land and water storytelling cards as idea prompts for creative writing exercises. Children can draw one or two cards and create a story, or you can create a story chain together, with each person drawing a card and adding onto the story.


This is a fun little spelling game. It’s divided into separate levels. First, the child names the pictures on the card, then attempts to spell the word. If they’re unsure, they can flip the card over and choose between three different spellings.

Reference Materials

These grammar and writing reference materials are readily available in Lilly’s learning basket, allowing her to quickly access grammar rules, writing guidelines, and examples whenever she’s uncertain about something.

Rain Forest Dilemma Cards

We’ve been studying the rain forest over the past few months as part of our Global Explorers curriculum. These rain forest dilemma cards are great conversation starters and really get kids thinking about different situations that aren’t always black and white.

Other Activities

Map Drill Sheets

Although map drill is included in our morning basket activities, these printable maps from Seterra allow my oldest to review the locations of various countries that we have studied in the past.

South America: 3-Part Map Cards

We’re in the midst of our South America continent study. These 3-part map cards allow my daughter to match the country label with the location of the country. They can also be used for quick games of memory.

Learn to Draw

If you’re looking for an engaging “how to draw” book for kids, I’ve been impressed with this Melissa Sweet series so far. My kids have both books one and two and use them regularly.

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