A Yarn-Wrapped Star of David Ornament for Day 7 of Advent
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How to Make Yarn-Wrapped Star Ornaments with Kids

So Joseph also went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to Bethlehem the town of David, because he belonged to the house and line of David. // Luke 2:4

For the seventh day of Advent, I created a simple yarn-wrapped Star of David. It’s an extremely easy DIY project, but wrapping the star does take a bit of time. Just play some nice music or pop a show on the television, and you’ll be finished in no time though.

If you have children, they might want to help as well. My daughter immediately wanted to wrap some sticks, too. Since she’s still young, I gave her several lengths of yarn and some small twigs and she went happily to work.

Wrapping sticks with yarn can be a wonderful fine motor activity for children of all ages!

We used yarn that I already had on hand: a natural-colored wool yarn. I think creating several of these ornaments in varying neutral shades such as white, natural, and grey would be beautiful.


If you’re interested in making one yourself, gather the following supplies:

  • Small round dowel cut into (6) 3.5-inch segments or small twigs cut to approximately the same length
  • Yarn
  • A hot glue gun
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

After cutting your dowel into (6) 3.5-inch segments (or larger depending on the size of the Star of David you wish to have), glue three of the pieces together to form a small triangle.

seasonal-advent-calendar-day-7-1Once the glue is dry, cut a long piece of yarn and begin to wrap it around the dowel triangle. When you get near the end piece of your yarn, go ahead and cut another long length and begin to wrap it over the end piece of the previous string. Make sure to keep the yarn taut to ensure a good hold. You’ll end up with a triangle that resembles this:

seasonal-advent-calendar-day-7-2Repeat the above steps to assemble a second triangle. Using just a small dab of hot glue, press the remaining piece of yarn onto the dowel. If you squeeze too much, you can use scissors to carefully cut away some of the dried hot glue.

seasonal-advent-calendar-day-7-3Once you have assembled your two yarn-wrapped triangles, lay one on top of the other and bind them together at their cross points to form a Star of David. I just used the same yarn and tied small knots onto each cross point and then snipped away any remaining yarn.

seasonal-advent-calendar-day-7-4Then simply attach a small piece of ribbon or twine to form a hanging loop and enjoy your new Star of David Christmas ornament!






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