Infinity Street: A Place Value Activity Pack

Welcome to Infinity Street! This Montessori-inspired place value activity pack helps children become comfortable reading and building hierarchical numbers.

Each house on Infinity Street represents a number family, and within each house live the units, tens, and hundreds. This bundle includes the following number families: Simple, Thousands, Millions, Billions, Trillions, and Quadrillions.

Once Infinity Street has been presented, children can work with the other place value activities included in this bundle: Building Numbers on Infinity Street, Matching Expanded Form to Standard Form Task Cards, and Reading Word Form Task Cards.


Infinity Street: A Montessori Place Value Activity Pack

The Infinity Street Place Value Activity Pack includes (6) number family houses: Simple, Thousands, Millions, Billions, Trillions, and Quadrillions. You will also receive (16) building task cards, (18) word form task cards, (18) expanded form task cards and their corresponding mats. Both the word form task cards and the expanded form task cards include a control of error. A place value mat to introduce expanded form and standard form has been included for your convenience.

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