Infinity Street

Understanding place value is essential for mathematical proficiency. With “Infinity Street,” your child will develop a rock-solid foundation in hierarchical numbers. This Montessori-inspired place value activity pack helps children become comfortable reading and building numbers into the quadrillions!

What is Infinity Street?

Infinity Street is a Montessori-inspired educational tool used in classrooms to help students develop a deeper understanding of place value and numeration. Each house on Infinity Street represents a number family, and within each house live the units, tens, and hundreds. As they work with Infinity Street, children gain a visual and kinesthetic understanding of place value and how numbers progress infinitely.

what’s included

  • 6 number family houses: simple, thousands, millions, billions, trillions, and quadrillions
  • 16 building task cards
  • 18 word form task cards
  • 18 expanded form task cards
  • A place value mat to introduce expanded form and standard form

Both the word form and the expanded form task cards include a control of error for students.

Infinity Street Activities

Building Task Cards

Children can practice building hierarchical numbers on Infinity Street with these task cards.

Expanded Form Task Cards

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