Introduce children to the artwork of Claude Monet with this Montessori-inspired activity bundle. With a diverse range of engaging activities, this educational resource has been designed to foster a deep appreciation for the artistry of Claude Monet.

What you’ll love about this product:

  • HANDS-ON ART EXPLORATION – Each activity encourages children to explore the vibrant colors, captivating landscapes, and unique brushstrokes that define Claude Monet’s style.
  • SKILL-BUILDING OPPORTUNITIES – The bundle offers a wide array of activities that cater to different learning styles and developmental stages. From color-matching exercises that enhance visual discrimination skills to seek-and-find puzzles that promote attention to detail, every activity is designed to develop cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills, and fine motor coordination.
  • CROSS-CURRICULAR INTEGRATION – The activity pack incorporates interdisciplinary learning. Moveable alphabet prompts provide opportunities for language development and creative storytelling, while skip counting puzzles help children develop their counting and number sequencing skills. By incorporating different subjects into the activity pack, children not only engage with Claude Monet’s artwork but also strengthen their language, mathematical, and cognitive abilities in a fun and interactive way.
  • LONG-TERM ENGAGEMENT – The Claude Monet activity pack is designed to be used throughout the course of a year, making it a valuable long-term educational resource. Accompanied by a Montessori linear calendar showcasing 12 of Monet’s iconic paintings, this activity pack promotes consistent engagement and continuous learning, allowing children to develop a deep connection with the artist and his works through by-the-way learning.
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What is a Linear Calendar?

A Montessori linear calendar offers a unique and interactive approach to understanding time. Since it provides a clear visual representation of the passage of time, children can observe how days, weeks, months, and seasons unfold in a linear sequence.

Montessori Artist Study: Claude Monet Activity Pack

What’s Included

  • 3-part cards for 12 of Claude Monet’s paintings
  • 12 seek-and-find puzzles
  • 12 matching color strips
  • 12 skip counting puzzles
  • 6 moveable alphabet writing prompts

What’s Included

Here’s a preview of the activities included in the Montessori Artist Study for Claude Monet.

Montessori 3-Part Cards for Claude Monet’s Paintings
Claude Monet: Seek-and-Find Puzzles
Claude Monet: Skip Counting Puzzles
Color-Matching Activity and Moveable Alphabet Writing Prompts

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