The Montessori Parts of Speech Bundle


Are you searching for a revolutionary way to teach your child or students about grammar? Look no further! Our Montessori Parts of Speech Activity Pack is here to make learning grammar full of discovery, creativity, and laughter!

What you’ll love about this product:

  • ENGAGING AND PLAYFUL – Students gain hands-on experience working with articles, adjectives, nouns, verbs, adverbs, pronouns, conjunctions, and interjections as they come up with words to match the corresponding symbol sentences. Your child will develop vocabulary and sentence construction abilities, while having an absolute blast creating ridiculously silly sentences!
  • VERSATILE – With a wide range of activities, the Montessori Parts of Speech Bundle covers all the essential parts of speech. It grows with your child, accommodating different learning levels and providing ample opportunities for reinforcement.
  • MONTESSORI-ALIGNED – Hands-on activities encourage independent thinking, self-correction, and a deep understanding of language structures.
The Montessori Parts of Speech Bundle



  • The Montessori Parts of Speech bundle includes (24) sentences to symbolize, (24) matching symbolizing strips that can be used by children to write their own sentences, (3) pages of moveable symbol strips to encourage children to create their own symbol sentences, and a ‘Making Symbol Sentences’ student recording sheet.
  • You’ll also receive a Parts of Speech reference chart, miniature student reference cards, printable Montessori grammar symbols, buttons, and labels, as well as example parts of speech word lists.

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