What is a Homeschool Learning Basket?

A homeschool learning basket can foster self-directed learning, provide students with freedom of choice, and gently introduce children to organization and planning techniques. Since learning baskets are portable, they allow your family the freedom to take school materials with you. They’re a great resource to use in small spaces as well!

How Does a Homeschool Learning Basket Work?

They’re actually really simple. Here’s how we implement them in our homeschool routine.

Learning baskets are essentially our laidback version of a Montessori work plan. Every 1-2 weeks, my children select what materials from their homeschooling shelves to place into their learning baskets. Together, we’ll discuss any lessons or concepts they need to practice, and then find materials to support those learning objectives.

Their baskets also contain a few workbooks, because, yes, we do use the occasional workbook here and there! My youngest has a copywork book she uses 1-2 times a week, and my oldest has a few more: a copywork book of poems, an editing workbook, and some reading comprehension exercises.

Do I Have to Rotate the Materials?

Nope, not at all. If you’re following a curriculum where your children use the same materials week after week, you’ll simply place those into your child’s learning basket. Easy peasy, right?

We incorporate a lot of games and Montessori-inspired task cards to supplement our learning activities and are used to rotating work materials.

You can try it both ways, and see which works best for your kids.

What Do You Use for a Homeschool Learning Basket?

We’re currently using felt diaper caddies to serve as our learning baskets. I love this one because it has a space that’s large enough to hold books, plenty of small pockets on the outside for task cards and reference materials, and the front pocket fits our photo storage containers perfectly.

A peek inside our Montessori homeschool learning basket filled with activities for 5-8 year olds.

Homeschool Learning Basket Activities

Would you like to see how we implement learning baskets into our homeschool?

Simply click below to see some of the materials my kids utilize in their learning baskets each month.