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Montessori Flag-Making Cards

If you’re looking for a fun cultural geography activity and have a child who loves to draw and create, these free printable Montessori flag-making cards should be a huge hit!

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If you’re looking for a fun cultural geography activity and have a child
who loves to draw and create, these free printable flag-making cards should be a huge hit! They're available in both cursive and print, and I've included a title page so your child can easily create their own Flags of the World book. Learn more at www.freeandunfettered.com. #montessoriathome #montessorihomeschooling #culturalgeography #homeeducation #artactivity


I chose to present these cards alongside the Maps book by Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielinska. The back few pages of the Maps book feature illustrations for every map of the world along with the corresponding country name in cursive. Score! It’s a perfect match for our Montessori-inspired homeschool.

You could also pair these flag-making cards alongside 3-part Flags of the World cards, and this would allow you to present the countries one continent at a time. Of course, if you have the miniature replica flags typically seen in a Montessori classroom, those would be a wonderful accompaniment, too!

I’ve included a lined portion at the bottom of each card so if your child is currently writing, they can practice writing the country’s name after drawing the flag. If your child is still in the pre-writing stage, this would provide a great opportunity to model penmanship to your child.

My 5-year-old is learning to write in cursive, so this activity provides an opportunity for her to practice writing the country names. Because she has not yet learned upper case cursive letters, she references a penmanship chart hanging in our schoolroom to find the corresponding lower case letter so she can then write the country name as shown in the Maps book.

Once your child has finished making a few of the cards, feel free to laminate them and then demonstrate to your child how to punch a hole in one of the corners and then attach the cards to a ring binder to begin making her own Flags of the World book.

According to the Scope & Sequence from Montessori Compass, this flag-making activity would typically be presented to elementary students. However, my daughter has recently expressed an interest in each country’s flag and, given her love for drawing, I decided to introduce it to her now. I do think it will be interesting to see how much the cards change as she moves from preschool to elementary.

The free printable includes cards for both cursive and print as well as a title page if you choose to go ahead and create a Flags of the World book. The cards are available to download in the Free & Unfettered Resource Library.

Geography & Culture

Flag-Making Cards

Use these Montessori-inspired flag-making cards as an extension activity for cultural geography studies for both primary and lower elementary students. Children can use the cards to compile their own personal book of flags that can be worked on throughout the year.

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