Uppercase and Lowercase Alphabet Mats

Once your child has a solid grasp of the lowercase alphabet letters, easily introduce and familiarize them with the corresponding uppercase letters using this free printable alphabet matching mat. It’s available in both cursive and print for your convenience.

Alternatively, you may also use these alphabet mats to make a printable moveable alphabet. Simply print out the desired quantity of letters, cut them apart, and then sort them into a box with compartments. Beginning punctuation symbols have been included for this purpose. 


Uppercase and Lowercase Alphabet Mats

Here’s how to prepare and present this work to your child: 

  • Print both lowercase and uppercase mats.
  • Cut apart the lowercase mat into 26 individual letter tiles.
  • [OPTIONAL] Laminate both the lowercase letter tiles and the uppercase alphabet mat if desired.
  • For a control of error, you may either (1) write the corresponding uppercase letter in the lower corner on the back side of each individual letter tile or (2) provide a chart displaying both lower- and uppercase letters.
  • Place the uppercase alphabet mat in front of you and select one lowercase letter tile. Demonstrate to the child how to match the lowercase letter tile to the uppercase letter on the alphabet mat. Continue selecting one lowercase letter at a time until all have been placed on their corresponding uppercase letters on the mat, checking your control of error as needed.
  • You may either sort the lowercase letter tiles into alphabetical order, or you may randomly shuffle the letter tiles to make this work more challenging.

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