The 2020 Weather Observation Tree

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Here it is — the 2020 Weather Observation Tree!

You can use it to record daily weather conditions or daily temperatures. Or even as a simple outdoor habit tracker. The sky’s the limit!

It’s a great introduction to nature journaling for kindergarten and lower elementary students.

We keep a poster-size one hanging by our back door to serve as an easy reminder.

Once you have your data recorded each month, you can also transfer the information to a simple bar graph or pie chart to expand the learning opportunities with your children!

You can find the 2021 Weather Tree in the Shop.

Free Printable: 2020 Weather Observation Tree | Are you looking for a fun and interactive way to observe and record the weather with your children? Try this Waldorf-inspired weather observation tree! Learn more at www.freeandunfettered.com.

Are you using the 2020 Weather Observation Tree in your home or classroom?

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