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CVC Words with Pictures: Free Cards

Our Montessori-inspired CVC words with pictures are the perfect tool to support emergent readers and foster a strong foundation in phonics and literacy. Plus, they offer endless possibilities for learning through play. These CVC cards can be used for sound games, word building activities, blending exercises, and more.

What are CVC Cards?

Consonant-Vowel-Consonant cards can be used to introduce and reinforce essential phonics skills. By focusing on short vowel sounds and simple word structures, these cards are ideal for emergent readers. Your child will gain confidence and fluency as they decode and blend sounds to form words.

Download a free set of Montessori-inspired phonetic CVC cards for your emergent reader at www.freeandunfettered.com. They're available in both print and cursive and feature realistic images. #montessorihomeschooling #montessoriathome

What you’ll love about these free cards:

  • VERSATILE – Our free CVC words with pictures can be used for a variety of learning activities, including sound games, blending games, memory games, reading exercises, and handwriting practice.
  • REALISTIC IMAGES – Using realistic images helps provide meaningful connections between words and their corresponding objects.
  • PENMANSHIP LINES – Each CVC word card includes penmanship lines, providing a helpful guide for your child to practice letter formation and proper handwriting techniques.
  • CURSIVE OR PRINT – Our CVC words with pictures are available in both cursive and print for your convenience.

CVC Words with Pictures: Free Printable Cards

Our free printable CVC cards with pictures are available for free in the Free & Unfettered Resource Library. To gain access, simply subscribe to the newsletter below and then check out all the free goodies!

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