Weather Tree: Free Printable

A weather tree is a simple and fun way to begin weather observation and nature journaling with your children. Grab our free printable 2024 Weather Observation tree today and start tracking and recording weather patterns in your area for the new year.

What is a Weather Tree?

A weather tree is simply a drawing or an illustration of a tree with 365 leaves, one for every day of the year. It’s a really easy nature journaling activity for kids that encourages them to observe daily weather patterns. Because it’s been such a hit at our home and with our friends, I’m offering a free 2024 weather tree printable for you to use with your children this year.

Get Creative with Fingerprint Art

If you’d like an even more hands-on version, create a fingerprint weather tree with your kids! Simply paint a tree trunk with several branches on a large posterboard. Then, instead of drawing individual leaves, simply have your children record each day’s weather pattern using fingerprint art.

How Do You Use a Weather Tree?

It’s really simple, I promise! Each day observe the weather and then color in the day’s leaf based on the day’s predominant weather pattern.

Our printable weather tree comes with 3 different recording options: a labeled key, a blank key, and one for recording outdoor hours.

The labeled weather tree includes the following weather patterns: sunny, cloudy, windy, rainy, stormy, and snowy. Simply assign a different color and/or pattern for each weather condition. Then, over the course of the year, watch as you weather tree fills up with color.

If you have older children, feel free to get creative with the weather tree. Some families record multiple weather events each day and create distinct patterns on each leaf.

No matter which option you choose, I guarantee it’ll become a unique piece of art showcased on your wall. Best of all, it’s something your children will look forward to every day.

How to Print the Weather Tree

You have a couple options when it comes to printing the 2024 Weather Tree. The easiest, of course, is to simply print the weather tree at home on a standard-size sheet of cardstock paper. If you have multiple children who will be recording their own weather patterns, printing at home is a great option.

You may also choose to have the weather tree printed at a local print/copy shop, e.g. Staples or Office Depot. For the most cost efficient printing option, request an engineering print and upgrade the paper choice to cardstock. This usually costs us about $6 dollars.

Note: In order to ensure the print will be centered on the engineering print, I do recommend going into the store and speaking with the copy/print associate. While you’re able to upload the print file online and request pick up, I’ve had several people displeased with the orientation of the print in doing so.

How to Display the Weather Tree

I recommend displaying your weather tree in a high-traffic area. Simply because it’ll be easier to remember to record your weather pattern each day.

In the past we’ve displayed ours in our dining area by our back door, and we’ve also hung it on our schoolroom wall.

Weather Tree displayed on a wall in the dining area, making it convenient to record daily weather patterns for nature journaling with kids.

We use a 20×20 IKEA frame with the glass removed to display our weather tree. I’ve seen others have success using magnetic wooden picture hangers. Of course, you may always choose to attach it to a wall with Command poster strips and forego the frame altogether. Whatever works best for your family!

How to Download the Free 2024 Weather Tree

Grab a free copy of the 2024 weather tree by simply subscribing to my newsletter below.

Favorite Nature Journaling with Kids Resource

If you’d like to explore nature journaling with kids further, check out How to Teach Nature Journaling by John Muir Laws. In addition to the free curriculum, he provides many art lessons for nature journaling on his website as well. It’s truly a wonderful resource!

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