Infinity Street: A Montessori-Inspired Place Value Activity Pack for Kids

Infinity Street: A Montessori Place Value Activity

Infinity Street

Understanding place value is essential for mathematical proficiency. With “Infinity Street,” your child will develop a solid foundation in hierarchical numbers. Our Montessori place value activity pack helps children become comfortable reading and building numbers into the quadrillions and introduces expanded form and word form, too.

What is Infinity Street?

Infinity Street is a Montessori-inspired educational tool used in classrooms to help students develop a deeper understanding of place value and numeration. Each house on Infinity Street represents a number family, and within each house live the units, tens, and hundreds. As they work with Infinity Street, children gain a visual and kinesthetic understanding of place value and how numbers progress infinitely.

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Infinity Street

what’s included

  • 6 number family houses: simple, thousands, millions, billions, trillions, and quadrillions
  • 16 building task cards
  • 18 word form task cards
  • 18 expanded form task cards
  • A place value mat to introduce expanded form and standard form

Both the word form and the expanded form task cards include a control of error for students.

Infinity Street Activities

Building Task Cards

Children can practice building hierarchical numbers on Infinity Street with these task cards.

Expanded Form Task Cards

Children can practice matching expanded form task cards with standard form cards. A control of error is included for students.

Infinity Street: Word Form Task Cards for Teaching Place Value

Word Form Task Cards

Children can practice reading different numbers in word form and writing them down. They can independently check their work using the control of error on the back.

What you’ll love about this product:

  • HANDS-ON AND ENGAGING – Infinity Street allows children to explore the hierarchical nature of numbers as they physically move beads into the number houses, emphasizing the significance of place value.
  • COMPREHENSIVE AND VERSATILE – These activities cover various aspects of place value, starting with a basic introduction to hierarchical numbers and advancing to more complex concepts like expanded form and word form.
  • MONTESSORI-INSPIRED APPROACH – Engaging Montessori-inspired activities, visual aids, and manipulatives help make the concept of place value and hierarchical numbers more concrete for children, and self-correcting task cards are included to nurture independent and self-directed learning.
Infinity Street: A Montessori Place Value Activity


what buyers say

Extremely Satisfied!

My students really enjoy this resource. It is a fun way to engage them in understanding place value in conjunction with Montessori place value color coding.

– Leanne L. –

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