Read-Build-Write Mat with Sight Words

Children can use a Read-Build-Write Mat to practice spelling. First, a child will read a word and then build it using a moveable alphabet. Lastly, a child can practice writing the word using the penmanship lines as a guide. It’s a fun way to engage kinesthetic learners. 

This printable also includes Dolch sight words in both cursive and print to be used alongside the mat. You can read more about how we use the Read-Build-Write mat here.

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Read-Build-Write Mat with Sight Words

If you would like to present the ‘Read, Build, Write’ mat to your child, I suggest the following:

  • The child should be an emergent reader and show an interest in handwriting.
  • Pair the mat alongside a manipulative so your child is able to build the words, thereby capitalizing on their kinesthetic memory. A manipulative could be a moveable alphabet, magnetic or foam letters, WikkiStix, or even Play-Doh.
  • Provide either a dry-erase marker or crayon or a Stabilo Woody 3-in-1 pencil alongside a cloth wipe so your child can practice writing each word and then easily wiping the mat clean.

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